When: 05.07.2019 to 01.09.2019

A 'maximalist' exhibition of mixed media craftwork by Devon Guild Members' showing a riotous mixture of patterns - the more the better!

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Found everywhere we look, at its simplest a pattern in art may be a geometric or other repeating shape, as in wallpaper. However a pattern need not necessarily repeat exactly, but can be subverted or changed according to the whims of the designer as long as it has some form of organizing "skeleton".

Devon Guild of Craftsmen challenged their many multi-disciplined Members to interpret the theme as tightly or loosely as they liked. Creating a pattern can be more complicated than you might think, and a useful challenge for a maker’s design skills. It may be something makers work with on a daily basis in their practice, or it may be out of their daily vocabulary if they usually only make one-offs.

This exhibition will show interpretations on the theme in a variety of media, from ceramics to paper, jewellery to glass.

Image: dyed silk by Isabella Whitworth.


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